Got an Event

Surprise visit from the in-laws

Don’t worry we’ve got your covered.  Drop in and pick from our finest collection of prepared meats suitable for that special occasion when you need to impress your surprise visitors.

  • Six star grass fed meat! Love it, tastes just like the meat we produced growing up. You can always tell the difference in the flavor of coastal raised meat. I'll be back!

    Harry Turner
  • Wonderful staff, beautifully clean and well presented store. Great prices. Highly recommended.

    Emma Taipaleti
  • Just cooked up one of their large beef pies for my wife and parents. Honestly the best pie I have ever eaten, and the rest of the family agreed it was amazing. The meat was so tender and flavoursome. They say the best gift is to give, but I wish I ate it all myself.

    Simon Sponza

A meal to dine for

We’ve got you covered for every event. Why don’t you drop in and see how we can make your next meal to dine for.

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